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About Us: Café Baier

About us: Café Baier This moment now that we are here in a stylish setting for breakfast, lunch or a coffee break , we can forget the hustle and bustle of the Schlossstrasse … a certain amount of carefree carelessness appears to us, and we plunge into the wonderful cakes...The history of this House expresses itself through art nouveau ornaments of the "Belle Epoque" style, complemented by our own designs. Our pastry chefs, cooks and service are pleased to offer you our products, fresh and prepared by us. Perhaps you will find time in the present again, like Marcel Proust once did when enjoying the famous Madeleine, and long forgotten memories will be awakened in you by our cakes. Let us surprise you. Because memory is the only paradise from which we are not expelled...

Our Selections


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Menu selection

We offer our breakfast menu from morning on and at 12:00 clock we serve  warm and cold snacks.

Our chef uses only the freshest ingredients and pays close attention to the origin of the food, to prepare for you again and again a new, variety of selections.

A wide variety of delicacies

Delicious cakes and pastries

Even with cakes, pastries and all the other sweet surprises, we are inspired by foreign kitchens and trends, but we add our own signature, which shapes our own distinctive style.
We want to seduce your eyes and the sense of taste, surprise you again and again, but also not to forget the traditional. Of course, something that existed today may have to give way to a new idea tomorrow, but it will make you at least as happy.


Birthdays & Events or just something spontaneous

Whether wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes we aim to fulfill your order and wishes

Freshly roasted coffee

To enjoy a good cake is known to have a good cup of coffee. Our house offers its own coffee blends in numerous variations, from the Esspressomaschine or brewed, refined and natural ingredients. Our hot chocolate is homemade and a special treat. For the tea lovers, there is a very large selection of freshly brewed and cultivated teas traditionally served, because we do not us tea bags..


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Order your cakes and pastries

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  • We would be delighted if you would like to visit us and reserve a table for your next visit.
  • Book with us via this website, come in person or call us! Please understand that it is not possible to make an online reservation for the same day.
  • Our telephone: 030 22 02 27 04
  • Please talk to us in advance if you will be more than eight people, as we have a limited number of large tables. In summer the terrace is quickly occupied.
  • Contact us at


Contact Us

You'll find us here

Mo.-Fr. 9-18 Hrs. /Sa./So. 10-18 Hrs.
Schlossstraße 26. 12163 Berlin
Rufen Sie einfach an unter: 030. 22 02 27 04

and from 5.3.2023

Mo. 9-19 Uhr / Di.-Fr. 9–22 Uhr /
Sa. 10-22 Uhr / So. 10-19 Uhr
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Liebe Gäste !

Wir sind froh, Ihnen einige Neuerungen und Veränderungen im Café Baier ankündigen zu dürfen!

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Cafe Baier


liebe gäste! am samstag, 28.11. vor dem 1. advent, beginnen wir mit unserem „strassenverauf“ der geliebten kuchen ;) käsekuchen, crumble und einige mehr..

wir freuen uns auf sie !

Cafe Baier


Wir freuen uns, Sie wieder ab Montag, 25.5. zu begrüßen und bitte beachten Sie unsere etwas veränderten
Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr. 9-18 Uhr Sa./So. 10-18 Uhr
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